Midmini main source material - Baltic birch plywoodThe bespoke plywood play-sets are made locally, outsourcing materials from distributors in the EU to create sustainable and eco-friendly play-sets. We use FSC certified Baltic Birch Plywood, and as finishing materials we use 0% VOC plant-based hard-wax oils and 

water-based eco paints (EN 71-3:2019), which are safe for kids, meaning your little ones can actually place food and “cook” there (haven’t figured out hoe to hook up gas to the kitchen set).

Midmini Fantastic TeamWe value quality and durability, which is why we’ve heavily invested in modernising our production equipment. We have a firm belief that each play kitchen will last not only for your kids but also for your grandkids, which is why we give a two-generation guarantee. Read Our Reviews on Trustpilot.com
Team MidminiOn top of the classic bespoke plywood play kitchen, we have added a couple more furniture pieces to incorporate with the kitchen for a more immersive play experience - a fridge (also serving as a convenient storage place), as well as several smaller toys such as a wooden pizza set, a mini oven, pans and pots, cups. You can check out the finished products here! Or even see the process and how the sets are made 


 Do you like toys that last more than a week?

Our team does, too! Actually, our brand has a two-generation guarantee. Yes, it’s not a typo mistake - a two (2) generation guarantee. Why?
Simply because using FSC certified Baltic Birch, 0% VOC plant and water-based hard-wax oils and eco paints (EN 71-3:2019) + a hefty dose of attention to detail helps us achieve exactly that -
a durable, safe for kids, MiniMichelin star chef experience you’re kids will fall in love with.
*behind the scenes little secret: (we play with toys. A LOT. I mean, our toys. That gives us a very valuable insight and helps us to create playsets that truly ARE durable, eco friendly and actually last 2 generations.
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