Back in 2018, when our daughter Zoe was about to turn 2, we were quite frustrated what to get her. Plastic toys pile up, create a huge mess, and break within 15 minutes (or less, depending how active your kids are). We asked around, even looked online, and saw that commercial wooden play-sets were a better alternative for plastic toys, but were flimsy and couldn’t hold themselves together after a couple of play-times.

While we were searching, Zoe showcased a peculiar interest in cooking - compared to her brothers, who only cared about when the food was ready, Zoe had developed not only an interest in how the food was made, but she could also remember where the ingredients were. This sparked an idea for a wooden kitchen set, and yet we couldn’t find anything durable and play-friendly (because no child should have to play with a cinder block).

Finally, after searching days on end, we were fed up and decided to make our own set. Two sketches, with corrections and pointers from the missus, and some plywood later, our first (and what we thought would be the only) play-set was finished, and along with a post on Instagram, Zoe was leaping from joy on her birthday.

However, the post attracted more than a couple of likes. It turned out, there were a lot of parents that were also on the lookout for durable, yet stylish sets for their children. Play-set by play-set production grew, until MIDMINI was founded as a team of two - husband and wife - Roberts and Elīna, with one goal in mind - to create high-quality, long-lasting, beautiful and playful bespoke plywood play-sets.

Every set is made with EU-sourced FSC certified Baltic Birch Plywood, creating sustainable and eco-friendly play-sets. The finishing touches are made with hard-wax oils and water-based eco paints, which are safe for kids (so you can actually play with the set, not just pretend).

Want to see the sets live and in action? Check out the play-sets on Instagram!



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