Wooden Washing Machine - Mustard

€ 387.00


Wooden Washing Machine - Mustard

€ 387.00


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Product description
The wooden washing machine is our first product from our new kitchen cabinet series product.

Midmini Wooden Washing Machine is handcrafted from 100% FSC certified birch plywood, and it has been tested and meets the European safety standards.

Open the doors, 
put your towels or doll clothes inside 
and start washing by rotating the handle
(that will swivel the washing machine’s drum)
Magic! yes, real magic!

Available in all Midmini standard colours as well as in custom colour code.

WARNINGS - TWO TYPES (to make you notice them)

Friendly warning over a glass of chilled wine:

Do not encourage your children to wear the washing machine as an oversize helmet or to play hide and seek with it. 
Also, keep innocent animals such as cats and small dogs informed about the possibility of dislocation to this newly acquired multi-purpose facility. 
It may look like an innocent play but our little ones have a crafty mind. 
Hamsters may find it cute and entertaining though.

In the highly unlikely event of equipment malfunction aka breakage we urge you to leave your man of the house alone. 
There is no one in this green wide world that can fix this except us….. why you may ask - well, we like to think of ourselves as indispensable. Big word, I know. 

Now the serious ones:

Never leave your child unattended when using the washing machine. Yes, not only the ‘real’ one but also this wooden one. 

It is NOT suitable for children under three years old. They simply can’t read the labels and are not yet good at following instructions. 

For safety reasons, make sure to tighten and secure the screws by every use. 
This is actually a biggie - see TikTok and YouTube for some horror shots on how kids swallow things that are not bolted down and/or running lose.


The washing machine comes pre-assembled. You will only need to put in four legs. 


• Height: 50cm
• Width: 40cm
• Depth: 38cm

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